As the Padres took the field last night, Austin Hedges was noticeably absent from behind the plate, adding more fuel to the fire about possible retaliation.  However, Andy Green tried to snuff out that speculation to no avail earlier in the day when he talked to the folks at the Mighty 1090 AM, saying,

This is what I’ve always asked: What do you accomplish by hitting somebody? You accomplish nothing. You put a man on first base, and you give them an opportunity to win a baseball game. … You don’t, all of a sudden, gain the high, moral ground because you chose to retaliate. You don’t, all of a sudden, get to pound your chest because you were man enough to throw a ball at somebody’s back. I think it’s absolutely asinine to even take that approach.

It’s encouraging to see a manager take the high road given how dangerous hurling 90 mph plus pitches at people can be or how quickly it can escalate and spiral out of control.  Yet, Andy Green was certainly not trying to lessen the severity of what Anthony Rizzo did; what Rizzo did was a clear violation of the Posey Rule and endangered Austin Hedges.  Even MLB admitted it was, so there’s no question that this was the case despite the Cubs attempts to rationalize it or simply shrug it off.

On the contrary, Green chose to emphasize the importance of competing the right way and protecting players even if Major League Baseball was going to overlook the “incident.”

Nevertheless, our own Marcus Pond echoed a feeling resonating with many fans in light of Green’s words, “I wouldn’t advocate throwing at Rizzo or any other Cubs (which I don’t believe will happen), but you want to see some measure of justice meted out.  We’ve all been cut off on the freeway by a bad driver, and seeing that person get pulled over by a motorcycle cop a mile down the road is satisfying, if not a little petty.

Once the game started, fans didn’t have to wait long to see if anything would happen as Anthony Rizzo led off for the Cubs in the top of the first, but in a gut-wrenching play, Rizzo took Chacin’s second pitch fastball deep for a homerun.  Truthfully, it was a more dismal moment than watching the Padres offense flounder all night long in a 4-0 defeat.

Not only was it hardly the outcome the Padres fans hoped for, it was one of the last things they wanted to see; let’s just hope that  this justice manifests itself in today’s afternoon game or it’s going to fester undeniably more.

Other Notes

San Diego:  The Padres signed both Luis Campusano and Blake Hunt yesterday with the former signing almost a half million under slot value and the latter surprisingly being offered twice the slot value.  Obviously, Preller must have been targeting Hunt all along.

AAA El Paso:  Manny Margot made his second rehab appearance with the Chihuahuas, nabbing two hits and an rbi.

AA  San Antonio:  Despite a strong start by Brett Kennedy (6 IP, 0 ER, 6 K’s), the Missions were beat down by the Hooks after Charles Nading allowed five runs in the eighth inning.

A+  Lake Elsinore: Eric Lauer started the California League All Star Game for the South team, surrendering two hits and a run.

A  Fort Wayne:  Ona, Tatis Jr. and Allen all made appearances in the Midwest League All Star game that noticeably low scoring.  Ona notched a hit in one of his two at bats, and Allen retired the only batter he faced.

A-  Tri-City:  The Dust Devils’ were firing on all cylinders yesterday as the offense exploded for ten the runs and Jim McDade and the bullpen struck out fourteen batters en route to a shutout.

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