Abbreviation: Pads vs. Dres?

When you’re talking about the Padres and shorten their name to a single syllable, you say Pads, right?
But…why not say Dres (drays)?
Look, the name of this website is PadsProspectus, so I realize I’m already behind the 8-ball in this argument. But consider:
-Pads: It’s a word that means a soft, cushy thing. Not exactly striking fear into the opposition! Sure, when you say it you pronounce it pahds, but when you spell it, it reads like a pillow you put on a seat under your butt. Let’s ditch this.
-Dres: Is it a bit too close to Tampa Bay and their Rays, or Oakland and their A’s? Yes. Does Dres also look kinda stupid in print? Sure. But is it infinitely cooler than Pads? Definitely!
First, is Dr. Dre cool? This question doesn’t need an answer.
Second, Dres is inclusive of madres too since they’re also Dres. Everyone loves moms!
Third, Dre rhymes with day. It just rolls off the tongue better.
You: Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Me: It’s Dre day, meet me at Petco.
You: What are you doing this weekend?
Me: Don’t have any plans Saturday, but come see Franchy with me on SunDre.
Please meet me in the comments if you disagree.

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  • Matt L

    Is there a precedent for using the last part of the team name as the abbreviation? Obviously with exceptions for things like the Mighty Ducks or Devil Rays.

    • Dan McMenamin

      I’ve seen Stros for Houston

      • Matt L

        Couldn’t think of them! Not sure I’m on board with ‘Dres yet, but good example.