Day two of the Major League Baseball draft is more than half over, and the Padres have drafted six prep players (two pitchers and four position players) and back-to-back college arms.  This time they selected Nick Margevicius, a southpaw from Rider University in New Jersey.

Unlike Leasher, Margevicius thrived at the collegiate level as a three year starter, owning a sub three era each of his last two seasons.  The 8.13 K/9 is slightly lower than you’d like to see against that level of competition, but he fared similarly in the same New England League as Leasher.

At the moment, the velocity is on the low-side, hovering in the high 80’s-91 mph range, but he’s a strong athletic kid, lumbering over the competition at 6’5” and 220 lbs, so hopefully he’ll be able to add a few ticks to his fastball.  In addition to his heater, Margevicius also tosses a curveball and a changeup with the former projecting to be at least average.

He also told the Trentonian about honing a new pitch, a slider, and profiled himself a bit, saying, “I’d be the first one to tell you I’m still a work in progress…I’ve grown since coming to college and am constantly working in the weight room to develop myself. I am actively working on my slider. It was a new pitch for me last summer and something that I really hope to polish at the next level.”

And he should have plenty of time to develop, as he suggested, in the minors given the strong pitching depth in the San Diego system.

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